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I've googled for it, and there's very little info besides "bamf matches application windows to desktop files". Unity depends on it so it's difficut to remove, at least would be good to know what it does.

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Regardless, it's a BAMF (see urban dictionary). – AlexMA Feb 25 '15 at 18:02
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When you open a program, Unity will either pop up a new icon on the launcher(dock) and/or add an arrow to an existing icon. Each icon is not an executable; it is a .desktop file. bamfdaemon helps this by determining whether an arrow needs to be added to an existing icon, or a new icon be popped up, along with other behaviors dependent on application identity.

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such a lame task for such a cool name. – Kyle Baker Feb 10 at 16:51

I think it is related to Unity Integration for websites. I hope I am right ...

edit: According to this it is:

Window matching library - daemon bamf matches application windows to desktop files

This package contains the daemon used by the library and a gio module that facilitates the matching of applications started through GDesktopAppInfo

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