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I want to uninstall Ubuntu 12.10. I installed Ubuntu (from a usb/cd) using the option "Install along with Windows 7". Windows 7 is installed as usual in C:\ and Ubuntu is installed in some other drive.

How do I uninstall Ubuntu from this setup?

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Well, you must first fix your MBR so that windows7 boot loader can act. in order to do that there is a nice tool in HirenCD named Fix MBR. Try to download it and use it. Then you must format your Ubuntu partition with any tools you know. There are also some partitioning tools in that CD, I recommend Paragon partition manager ;)

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Back everything up, and then just delete the linux partition(s) using Disk Management. After that, load a Windows CD, or HBCD, and repair the Master Boot Record. Finally, you can reclaim the space for Windows, also using Disk Management.

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