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I used Windows 8 before install Ubuntu. I left 40GB space to install Ubuntu alongside with Win 8. I manage to install Ubuntu 12.10 and I created 4GB space for swap partition and rest of them for the root. after installing Ubuntu my other partitions are marked as unallocated partitions.

but Win 8 install partition c: is visible

dualboot option also working

but when I'm going to boot Win 8 it says there is a problem when loading Win 8 and restarts.

I used my Win 8 bootable and try to repair it.

but it says the partition where Win 8 installed is locked and when I'm going to install a fresh copy of Win 8, it says I don't have a drive (HDD) to install windows 8.

I want to repair or install Win 8 and see whether my lost partitions are possible to view or recover my files.

Please help to install Windows 8 (to unlock the partition).

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I had faced a similar situation - the only options seems to be to reinstall Windows 8. See this question and answer of mine. –  Aditya Feb 24 '13 at 15:45
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