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I'm using xubuntu 12.10 and wanted to use the unity-greeter for the login screen (lightdm). The thing is that I installed the package unity-greeter (and gnome-settings-daemon), changed to unity-greeter in the lightdm.conf file but the login screen turned out something like this and this (please ignore the vertical panel, I used the --test-mode to take the screenshots). As you can see the theme doesn't look as it should, there are those "old" icons used and when I click to select the environment it can be seen that the windows look like beeing an old debian theme.

What can I do to make it look "normal" ?

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Obviously, you are missing some packages.

This should be ubuntu-artwork and if that fails, ubuntu-desktop will throw in the remainder.

However, if you are disappointed by the xubuntu greeter, having a look at the elementary project might help.

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thanks, ubuntu-artwork did the trick – misterjinx Feb 23 '13 at 18:38
For me, only installing light-themes (dependency of ubuntu-artwork) worked fine. – Sebastian Blask Sep 29 '14 at 16:49

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