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i try to install ubuntu 12.04.1 on an old desktop computer. it took a long time to install but it completed installation and it messaged to restart for boot.(the installation was in the graphical mode). -installed with install parameters after unsuccessfull trials with no parameters trials: noapic nolapic all_generic_ide nomodeset (of inclusion of last one i am not sure) every time i start the computer it showed the ubuntu loading image but in a crippled way. it was very small and just at the some rectangular fraction of the screen and rest screen was black. this happens in a very short time then it goes black screen and nothing happens. what is the reason of that or what can be? what is the solution for that?

screens of computer at start: incase of photos wont show here i write some of data written there includes some i found related to video: -intel(R) celeron(R) processor, 2.66GHz, 256MB ram. -display type VGA/EGA -onboard display controller. IRQ11 -onboard VGA IRQ11 -AMIBIOS date 2004 -ACPI compliant BIOS

additionally there are some suggestions to install appropriate video drivers(or boot ceratain parameters like nomodeset first and once started ubuntu desktop install appropriate drivers), but i cannot reach ubuntu desktop it does not boot, so are there anoıther way to install drivers required by ubuntu to boot without boot it, like some boot cd to only install drivers.

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