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I installed MagicDraw 17.0 SE in /opt running the sh I downloaded from the official site.

I had to re-install it because of a java issue, so I deleted the opt/MagicDraw folder and I ran the sh again.

The problem is that I have a hidden .magicdraw folder which has not been updated after the new installation, and I need it to be updated, since I messed with the files that were inside it and it's completely useless now.

So, how can I uninstall MagicDraw properly?

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Since you didn't install it as a .deb through dpkg you sadly can't use

sudo apt-get purge magicdraw

You would have to find all the folders it installed and remove them manually.
The .magicdraw is most likely found in your /home/$username directory.

To find any other files or folders that could've been installed with the script I'd use

locate magicdraw 

and then delete every file it shows on there.
I'd recommend running

sudo updatedb

before using locate to make sure the information is not outdated.

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I found .magicdraw, but I'm wondering why when I reinstall MagicDraw it doesn't update the .magicdraw folder. How is it possible? (thank you for your answer) – Kurt Bourbaki Feb 23 '13 at 13:55
it depends on the way the script is written. It seems to be common practice to leave config folders in your home directory untouched even when you use ` sudo apt-get remove `. I guess they do this so when you later install the program again you still have all your settings. for example firefox profiles etc. – Daniel Feb 23 '13 at 16:00

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