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I currently have a acer 5755g running windows 8 and specs are as follows:

intel core i5-2430M
nVIDIA GeForce GT540m 1GB VRAM

it also has intel graphics card, so is it possible to use both of them at the same time as i am right now?

Also will everything work properly, like the wifi, bluetooth, functions keys etc.

Also is ubuntu high on resources, because i dont want my laptop to die too fast.

Thanks any help appreciated.

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OK, first, I want to ask you if you're new in Linux, as is kinda hard to use for newcomers, now, you can run Ubuntu, pretty much in every computer... Now, you need to take care of how you install your Ubuntu...
First, I don't get if you want to have Windows and Ubuntu, or just Ubuntu (But I guess you want to keep Windows... So here is what you will need:

First download Ubuntu 12.10 or 12.04LTS, according to your computer it should be x64, but it doesn't hurt if (in windows) you go to Start>Execute>(type)dxdiag and check in your OS, it should say or "windows [...] x86 or x64, download your Ubuntu according to that.

I recommend using EasyUs Partition manager (google it, its free)... Partition your HDD to make a place for Ubuntu, leave it unallocated (no format)

if your laptop has a cd driver, then skip this
Download and make a bootable USB...

Boot your PC from the USB, (Pro tip: Go to the BIOS and select USB as primary boot option)

when the install window appears, just select Install, and Install alongslide Windows 8 Now... The installer will find the unallocated partition, and install there...

Once the installation ended, reboot your PC...

Now, usually Windows could start without asking you if you wanted to boot Ubuntu or Windows, now this is what you need... If you don't get grub (The option to boot Windows or Ubuntu) Do the next steps, if there is grub, then you're finished!

Make another bootable USB with the same Ubuntu, (it wouldn't work with the same, as it looks like the grub installed itself in the USB...

Boot your PC from it, and select the option "Try Ubuntu"

Now... Open a terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and type the next commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair

(This will start "boot-repair")

Select the Recommended repair option and wait until it ends, it will ask you to type some commands in the terminal, and then it would ask you to reboot your PC...

Now, after rebooting, you should get grub... With the options to boot Ubuntu or Windows...

Good Luck, and don't mess a lot with the MBR! :D

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