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My vim setup uses the csexact plugin to fix match the colors for color schemes that would normally only work in gvim. Everything works fine until gnome-terminal loses focus, and suddenly everything breaks!

Here is an image of issue in action: The issue

I have the exact same vim setup on my laptop (ubuntu 12.04 32bit, gnome-terminal, vim compiled from source). However, on my PC (ubuntu 12.10 64bit, gnome-terminal 3.6.0, vim compiled from source), this issue occurs. I hesitate to blame the csexact plugin, since vim in gnome-terminal cannot receive focuslost or focusgained events, this must be a terminal issue then; however I do notice that when the colors break if I run :CSExactColors everything fixes again.

What can I do? Any ideas on how to fix this, what the issue is, or even a workaround? Thanks

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I've compiled and run gnome terminal, and find the same issue occurring. With that I'm not even sure what this error could be associated with, or how I can even look into where things are going wrong – glitchyme Feb 23 '13 at 1:27
Hey guys, I wasn't able to properly fix this, however I started using link instead and now I get proper colours without that gross colour change – glitchyme Apr 2 '13 at 16:05

This was a bug in vte, which was fixed a while ago (in 0.36 if I recall correctly).

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