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I want to install Steam for Linux. As I have only 256gb SSD and not enough space for games, I'd like to install it (and all it's games) to a USB3 flash drive.

How to do that? Preferably using sudo apt-get install ****. Haven't find a way to specify the installation location.

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I think the major problem is the size of the games and not the size of Steam.

Install Steam as usual on your SSD. The Games are installed in ~/Steam/SteamApps/common/TITLE

Backup the "common"-Folder and delete it. Then make a symlink to your USB-Drive like this:

ln -s /media/<usb-drive>/steamgames/common ~/Steam/SteamApps/common

Now the games should be installed on your USB-Drive. I don't really now if it works, but you can give it a try.

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I like that and will try it once I get everything working. – mreq Feb 22 '13 at 20:58

Inexact duplicate of How do I use a different drive as an installation location for Steam?

It is not in general possible to change the install paths used by apt-get.

However, in this case, the Steam .deb package only installs a few bootstrap scripts. Subsequently running the Steam script actually downloads the application, which subsequently manages its own updates.

While as far as I know Steam doesn't offer you a choice of location at install time (it will go into $HOME/.local/share/Steam), you can subsequently move the install location or create additional libraries - see the answer above.

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