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I've faced a problem when copying a file with the commands,

cp ~/Downloads/sample.pdf ~/Desktop/

But the terminal gives me a message, cp: cannot stat 'sample.pdf': No such file or directory.

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What is the output of ls -al when you run it from ~/Downloads? You'll see the error you're seeing if there isn't a file of the exact same name present to be copied. – user25656 Feb 22 '13 at 18:20
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Have you verified that sample.pdf is the exact filename in the downloads folder? It looks like the path is incorrect and that file doesn't actually exist there. Try this...

ll ~/Downloads

See if sample.pdf shows up in the file list.

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Actually I got a typo in the terminal, anyway thanks for your answer. – Herks Feb 22 '13 at 13:38

If the file exists you have maybe not the correct permissions zu copy the file. Run in a terminal: sudo chmod 775 /home/<user>/Downloads/sample.pdf to grant yourself the permissions and sudo chown <your-user>:<your-user-group> /home/<user>/Downloads/sample.pdf to own the file and try to copy it again. Your user-group shoul be the same value as your user.

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