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My laptop has come with WIN8 and secure booting through UEFI (this is very new bootloader for me) I want to natively boot Ubuntu like using BIOS. Can anyone suggest me a way for this? I have read Ubuntu using intermediate signed bootloader and then switch to unsigned bootloader and kernel. I dont believe in security stories from microsoft on my laptop, and want to use it my way. Do share with me any of the pointers you may have

PS: I am happily using Ubuntu 11.04 (on desktop, laptop and VM) as I don't like forced unity in latest Ubuntu versions. But I doubt about driver support in that version for laptop in discussion. So I can change my mindset for booting natively with UEFI.

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There is another step-by-step guide Installing Ubuntu on a Pre-Installed UEFI Supported Windows 8 system that helped a lot of people (if the "likes" means that it helped).

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Just follow the 1st paragraph of the Ubuntu Community Documentation about UEFI:

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