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I'm a professor and I use Ubuntu to show my students presentations about the content. I get my laptop connected to a projector available in the room and, that works just fine at first glance. No keys to be pressed, no annoyance. I go over monitor settings and detect/configure each one with an resolution and then use it.

The issue begins when the laptop goes over the screen saver or turns off the display (and believe me, I've already modified the settings in order to NOT run into it).

Once I move the cursor or press some key, it comes back, but it sometimes messes with the order of displays (e.g. if I drag a window to the left in order to make it appear on projector, it becomes to the right), or the resolution and/or the most strange: a window that shows on projector as normal gets to laptop screen when maximized or turned into fullscreen. When I resize it, goes normal (on projector), when fullscreen goes to laptop.

It is kind of embarrassing when your laptop refuses to obey you in front of the class.

Any ideas why is that happening?

HPG42-371-BR Precise 12.04 64 bits AMD Mobility Radeon HD 6000M (open source drivers - PPA oibaf) Sony projector (do not know the model)

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