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I am using ubuntu 10.04 and firefox for my web browsing. All the sudden crawler became my search provider so I went in to the search bar to the right top and deleted the crawler from the list and also deleted all add-ons that remotely looked like it was related. Now whenever I use the address bar for searches it is still using crawler. How do I get rid of this deceptive little product.

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Were any of the answers helpful? – i08in Feb 18 '14 at 21:02

try rm -r $HOME/.crawler

else, find ./mozilla/[your profile]/addons.sqlite and (if you know how to) delete database entry for it.

with top/htop, ps and grep in terminal you can more/less determine how crawler starts, if you go and look by pid number.

These are hacks, mind you.

also, creating a brand new profile, import previously exported setting and bookmarks to it should greatly help your case. And is probably much easier. Mind you, you must start firefox from terminal with firefox -no-remote --ProfileManager

sudo apt-get --autoremove remove firefox --purge sudo apt-get install firefox could help too

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From Mozilla's support page:

To set Google as the default search engine when you type in your address bar, first type:


in the address bar of firefox. It will show a message to be careful, click on I promise I'll be careful.

In the search bar that now appears, type keyword.url. Double click on the value field and paste this: Click OK and close this tab. Open a new tab and start searching through the address bar!

Refer the link given above in this post to set it to some other search engine.

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