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I installed Ubuntu Phone OS on my Galaxy Nexus. At the last steps an error occured:

Pushing /home/cesare/Scaricati/phablet-flash/95/ to /sdcard/
protocol failure
Error while excetuting adb push /home/cesare/Scaricati/phablet-flash/95/ /sdcard/
Make sure the device is connected and viewable by running 'adb devices'
Ensure you have a root device, one which running 'adb root' does not return an error

What can I do?


I have enabled usb debugging ecc...

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Not sure, but have you rooted/unlocked it (probably silly question), enabled usb debugging? . Join the irc , they may help you faster – Web-E Feb 21 '13 at 19:09
Ensure you have a root device – nicky Feb 21 '13 at 21:07

When I ran the "phablet-flash -b" command, it had failed during a push operation with protocol error. This occurred when the image that was downloaded was being pushed to the android device as Since is likely corrupt at this point, it will cause various symptoms.

The best thing to do is to look for that protocol error, and repeat the push operation by running a command similar to the following:

adb push /home/<user>/Downloads/phablet-flash/ubuntu-touch/20130705.1/ /sdcard/

Once I rebooted in recovery mode, things went smoothly.

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I get this error when on the bootloader screen, but it works when in Recovery Mode.

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I get similar errors often, depending on which USB cable I use. Some cables work fine, other give problems like this (even if the cable does not appear to be broken, I get disconnected from the device often), so try another (shorter?) cable.

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