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I have about 20 .webm files that I would like to convert to audio in the terminal. I want to do

avconv -i *.webm -acodec libmp3lame0 -aq 4 *.mp3

I tried:

for i in *.webm; do avconv -i "${i}" -acodec libmp3lame0 -aq 4 "${i%.wemb}.mp3"; done

but it says "libmp3lame0 encoder not found." It is installed, though. I also installed ubuntu-restricted-extras and reinstalled libav-tools.

I also tried

for i in *.webm; do avconv -i "${i}" -acodec -aq 4 "${i%.wemb}.ogg"; done

to remove the whole mp3/LAME aspect, but then it just said '.ogg encoder not found.'

This worked once before when I tried to convert using libmp3lame0 without the for loop...but I just tried to convert one file and it doesn't work anymore.

Thanks. (I'm using 12.10.)

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You seem to be using the wrong codec name. To see which codecs are supported, do:

avconv -codecs

according to this the codec name is libmp3lame (you have an extra 0). This is on my system however, so yours may be different. The command I gave will let you find out.

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mp3 does not seem to be supported. at least in ubuntu it only shows as Decoding, and not available as Encoding. –  gcb Oct 2 '13 at 22:55
@gcb check that you have libmp3lame installed, I think this is needed for encoding. I do and in the list it shows "E" next to "libmp3lame". –  roadmr Oct 3 '13 at 14:49
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