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My Acer Aspire 4755G had a Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed when I bought it. I immediately installed Ubuntu 12.04 alongside of it, with GRUB and BURG. Now, recently, Windows 7 became very slow, as usual. So I wanted to re-install it, and what I did was this:

I booted up from a Windows 7 Ultimate (64-Bit) USB and installed Windows 7 Ultimate over the old Windows 7 Home Premium partition. Everything went fine and once it was installed I could get into Windows 7, but of course my GRUB/BURG wasn't there anymore. Now, I was trying to fix this by booting off of a custom Ubuntu 12.10 Live CD made with the Ubuntu Builder, and restoring GRUB/BURG. Unfortunately, every time I boot my laptop, press F12 and select 'USB Disk 2.0' it returns a black screen, and pops 'Secure Boot not Enabled' up for maybe half a second, and then the USB light stops blinking (indicating that there is no activity)... For some weird reason I'm able to boot into BackTrack from a LiveUSB but it refuses to boot either my custom Ubuntu LiveUSB, or the standard Ubuntu 12.10 version...

Any ideas? Thanks for the help.

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