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I was looking to change the port in Ubuntu 12.10 for Desktop sharing. I,ve done it before but have since clean installed and can't remember where to change it. It was an interface similar to gconf-editor.



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The tool is dconf-editor. Install it by installing the dconf-tools package from the repositories. Open it, and navigate to desktop.gnome.remote-access.

vino port

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Champion thanks mike – Dutchy Feb 21 '13 at 11:15

I was able to do this ok, but I changed my port from 5900 to 5901, then made sure that my router forwarded that port to my local ip address, but when I try to connect remotely (using the public ip and port 5901), I still get error saying connection rejected.

I noticed that if I ran the following command:

netstat -an | grep "LISTEN "

It shows that 5900 is listening but not 5901. Am I missing something? Do I need to do something so that 5901 (or whatever port # I choose for that matter) is listening for remote connections?

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Also you need to check the "use-alternative-port" checkbox.

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