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I have been trying to get ubuntu one to work (i.e. sync my files), but it keeps saying that it is "getting information" and "please wait". I only have 338MB used on my Ubuntu, so it shouldn't take that long, should it? I read that this was due to a firewall issue. I can't seem to locate the place at which I would change the settings. Where would I go? Thanks.

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This isn't a duplicate. But is off topic. A support request should be opened, or a bug filed, about the problem. – dobey Feb 21 '13 at 15:18

Standard, unless you've enabled it, is the firewall OFF in Ubuntu 12.10 (and other versions)

to enable the firewall type sudo ufw enable to check if it's working typ sudo ufw status to disable the firewall type sudo ufw disable

all in a terminal.

In the softwarecenter you can find GUFW a graphic frontend to control your firewall; you can make rules for the firewall, as you can easily enable/disable it with a slider.

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