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I just downloaded Ubuntu today and I love it! I'm trying to install the ATI drivers by the guide posted here, but I get an error after I choose to generate the drivers for the distro, and I get the following in the log file:

Package build failed!
Package build utility output:
./packages/Ubuntu/ 294: ./packages/Ubuntu/ debclean: not found
./packages/Ubuntu/ 295: ./packages/Ubuntu/ dpkg-buildpackage: not found
./packages/Ubuntu/ 294: ./packages/Ubuntu/ debclean: not found
./packages/Ubuntu/ 295: ./packages/Ubuntu/ dpkg-buildpackage: not found
[Error] Generate Package - error generating package : Ubuntu/quantal

Can someone provide some help here? I'd like to get this working right soon.

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Perhaps ATI radeon guys don't support Your card for use with 3.5+ kernels. You can search that on Your own, or post the card info here. – Adobe Feb 21 '13 at 5:45
why don't you install it from software sources--> "additional drivers" tab ? – Suhaib Apr 4 '13 at 14:54

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