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I'm about a month young at linux and brand new to ubuntu.

I can do this to install hiphop

(I installed JEMalloc 3.0 b/c it was there)

But I'm not too sure how to install nginx with these options with spdy

Can anyone show me how to combine those two nginx installs with a self-signed cert and a purchased?

Many thanks in advance!

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those instructions are missing so much stuff.

you gotta setup LD_LIBRARY_PATH in /etc/environment


download all those libs into /usr/local/src

set prefix not to $CMAKE whatever is there but to /usr/local

and compile with CLANG / LLVM goes much faster.

of course you gotta setup those too in /etc/environment

CPP=/usr/bin/clang -E
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you mind providing a detailed step by step? i don't care anymore as i've moved on to fastcgi++/websocket++ (which i totally recommend), but i think there might be others, so i'll give check for details. then again, considering the views & votes on this q, looks like hiphop might not be catching on – user128334 May 11 '13 at 14:14

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