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I have a HP DM3 Wifi. I am unable to turn on the Wifi. It says "Wireless is disabled by hardware switch". I have pressed the hardware switch many times, but it's not turning on. Its red. I bought a new USB by Netis which works fine on Windows, but am unable to get it working on Ubuntu. I have tried the following command:

rfkill list all

In my networks, it shows both cards but says it is disabled by hardware switch. Is there any way to forcefully enable it ?

Following are the models:

  1. HP DM3 1039M

  2. Netis WF-2110 Wireless-N Mini USB Adapter

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Try rfkill unblock all, the other command you've tried only lists devices, but doesn't unblock them.

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worked like a charm – Pankrates Mar 4 '13 at 9:41

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