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Each time I switch to manual configuration, of wired connection in Ubuntu 12.10, the save button gets grayed out. As soon as I start setting it in Manually, it gets grayed out.Please help !

One more thing, system continuously displays a message at the top-right corner of the screen, saying:

Wired Network- Not connected

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Found the solution: It's a GUI problem: When adding static IP you may end up with an 'invisible' blank line in the list of IP addresses which prevents saving settings - just click below your IP address and delete the blank entry.

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The button is greyed-out if there a missing or wrong information filled in the fields. Make sure you put it in like this:

  • IP Address:
  • Netmask: 24
  • Gateway:
  • DNS: (not required for having a save-button)

Otherwhise please give us a Screenshot.

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I faced the same problem, the way around is to do it from command line. Go to the file /etc/network/interfaces and change it to

auto eth0
    iface eth0 inet static
    address xx.xx.xx.xx
    netmask xx.xx.xx.xx
    gateway xx.xx.xx.xx
    dns-nameservers xx.xx.xx.xx
    dns-search xx

where you have to fill the xx given by your ISP.

Then from commandline do

sudo ifup eth0
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