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I just bought this Ultrabook "Asus Taichi 21 DH71".

This has Intel 3rd generation i7 processor and 4gb ram with 256 gb SSD. The main feature is that it is a hybrid machine. Naming it has dual screens. When the lid is closed it can be used as a tablet and when lid open it can be used as a notebook.

This machine can also be used with the two screens on at the same time. I used ubuntu many years ago and loved it. But I never tried any linux later.

My questions are

  1. Does the new version of Ubuntu support the Multitouch interface?
  2. Will it work specifically on this machine?
  3. Will Ubuntu support gestures on multi touchpad?

Update 2/22/2013

I did try the latest 64bit Ubuntu(12.10) from live usb and noticed that it couldn't detect the tablet screen. Everything else worked seamlessly.

Do you guys think the tablet screen would be detected if I make a complete installation on to the notebook?

Please help guys..

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Eliha, your link link to an answer who link to her. PARADOX – yinon Apr 26 '13 at 14:25

Execute lsusb commmand, find your touchscreen ID in the output (looks like 04e7:0022) and check if it's present in this list of supported multitouch devices:

If it's not you can try enabling it and reporting compatibility here:

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How do I download the driver? how to install? i found the neccesry driver, but what now? – yinon Apr 27 '13 at 21:09

Did you ever try to use this site to really install a touch monitor? I mean without being a ubuntu-linux-freak with at least some years of compiling kernel experience? This is just a question to install a monitor!! A monitor with usb-input to linux just like a touchpad or a mouse - nothing else. Does this really mean recompiling a linux kernel to install a device like a keyboard, a mouse, a touchpad or a similar "simple" touch-monitor?

Do we have to install git, gcc and a working compile chain to connect a touch-monitor?

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Touchscreen works in Arch Linux; so, I think Ubuntu may be configured to work with it too. But screen itself doesn't work, maybe you should try enable both screens in Windows, then reboot to Linux and configure screens as usual.

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