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I use Ubuntu 12.04. I need to do some coding with Fortran 77. I have'nt found any IDE for Fortran 77. What is the solution?

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Not a big fan of IDEs, and FORTRAN is kind of a niche (especially 77, you'll be in a world of pain, let me guess: engineering student?). I honestly believe in the "one tool for one job" mantra, and I think a decent text-editor + command line tools is the better choice.

That being said, IDEs are really helpful and I think Photran is the best bet. You will have to install Eclipse 4.2 first.

TIP: Never install Eclipse from Ubuntu's software center, it's really old and won't work for your case. Install Eclipse from their website.

good luck

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There is a pretty good development system in WATCOM fortran77/c/c++. The help group is now defunct but the stuff is still on line for free.

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