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Recently my laptop Win7 was crashed and I trying to backup the data before trying any recovery. For this I booted Ubuntu ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386 (USB booted not installed on my HDD) and trying mount the win7 partions to copy the files, But I could not see the all partitions in Ubuntu.

My partitions are: C: 310 GB D: 200MB (System Recovery) E:100GB F:100GB G:130GB

only C & D are mounted, all other drives are not mounted also not listed in fdisk -l. If i run the Disk Utility the I could see the 310GB(C) & 200MB(D) as NTFS, where as the there is 340GB Free as Unallocated Space.

Please help me to detect and mount all the Win7 partition in ubuntu.

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There are 5 partitions, so they can't all be primary. How have your formated the last 3 partitions?

What does a sudo parted /dev/sda print say?

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The laptop came with 2 partition C(windos installation) & D (Sys recovery), I shrink the C partion and made the other partions, I remember the new partitions are extented logical partions. Let me try the parted /dev/sda and give you the print – mdkarthikeyan Feb 22 '13 at 20:50
I used a utility "Test Disk" from AVG and that could able to see all the partitions and I recovered all the data. Finally I formatted to factory settings. seems there was a corrupt on partition table. – mdkarthikeyan Jul 12 '14 at 21:18

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