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So software update tells me it's done some new upgrades for me. So I oblige, but then I get a weird error message saying that my disk is read-only or something.

So I open a new terminal window to investigate. But I am greeted by

mkdtemp: private socket dir: Read-only file system

So I rebooted. The computer greeted me with a message asking for a disk check. It found some errors, and I told it to automatically repair itself, which it did. I successfully booted in, this time without the mkdtemp error, and I am even able to use my apps normally.

Except now I can't update via Software Updater; I only see this window pop up whenever I start the program:


That's fine, I guess, I will just use the good old command line, but

amosjyng$ sudo apt-get upgrade
amosjyng$ ckage lists... 0%

It just crashes like that, too. Then a window pops up telling me to report the error, which I try to do, but then the error reporter crashes too...

So what should I try now? If worst comes to worst, I have /home on a separate partition, which is also backed up to external media, so I can just wipe the / drive. But I'd really, really rather not have to set everything up again

EDIT: apt-cache keeps crashing when the computer automatically checks for updates. Heh.

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