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I am using an Asus 1005P netbook. What happens is when I wake up the machine from hibernate state, a while later x crashes and goes to low graphics mode.

I stumbled on solutions in ubuntuforums but none of them seem to work:

Does anyone have another solution for this?

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I have this issue too, and it doesn't appear to me to be specifically due to being a netbook. My Acer eMachines E525 laptop has an attached display, so I'm in dual-screen display. If I boot without the display, it comes out of hibernate clean. If I boot with the display, the hibernation has the same issue as you. I have to logout and back in again for the display to be corrected. I would like to see a fix as well. – Volomike Sep 13 '10 at 6:57

This most likely is a bug. If you want to debug your laptop and collect information that could explain why it doesn't work on your laptop, please take a look at

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I think, possibly your graphics driver is crashing. First, install pastebinit Install pastebinit

Then run the following command in a Terminal

dmesg | pastebinit

You should then get a link from the Terminal. Post it here and we can see what is happening when you resume from Hibernate.

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