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I'm trying to do this http://php.webtutor.pl/en/2011/04/25/mod_rewrite-and-hiphop-for-php-on-apache-web-server/

But the yum -y install httpd httpd-devel gives -bash: yum: command not found.

I'm on 12.04.

I already have apache installed. I just don't know how to get the "development tools".

Please show me how. Many thanks in advance!

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@vasa1 Thanks for looking! i'm using ubuntu 12.04. the only article i can find that talks about apache & hiphop running side by side is in the link i provided. the command comes from that article. I just want to make this work stackoverflow.com/questions/14919625/hiphop-mod-spdy but this question seems to be the first step –  user128334 Feb 18 '13 at 5:40

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sudo apt-get install apache2-dev command will install dev packages , Please not that yum command is the packagemanager for redhat, fedora etc, Equallent command in ubuntu/debian is apt-get

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