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Every time I open the Ubuntu Software Center, I have to click on 'Turn On Recommendations'. I want it to stay on!

EDIT: As requested, here's the contents of my USC cfg file (IDs omitted for obvious privacy concerns):

maximized = False
size = 1200, 800
add_to_launcher = False
recommender_uuid = 
recommender_profile_id = 
email =
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Please run cat ~/.config/software-center/softwarecenter.cfg both before and after turning on recommendations and edit the results into your question. –  InkBlend Feb 18 '13 at 1:02
I'm having the same or a very similar problem. Recommendations stopped working a while back. (And opted-in was set in the .cfg) When I try to turn them back on, submission of the inventory of installed packages fails with error code 500 from the server, so this appears a problem on Canonical's end. I may file a bug report if it doesn't start working again soon. When there's an error with the recommendations, the panel hides itself. Are you actually seeing any recommendations after turning them on or are you left with a blank panel? (Is there a large empty space under What's New?) –  chaskes Feb 18 '13 at 3:44

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I have found a solution! For whatever reason, only 1 of the UUID fields had anything in them. I copied the input from the one and pasted it into the other, saved, and reloaded USC. Now it works! Who the heck knows why or how it happened, but I'm happy!

Hope this helps others!

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