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I'm kinda new to Linux & today was the first time I used Ubuntu (I loved it). Now my laptop is a new one & came pre-installed with windows 8 (& the UEFI complexity as well). So I made a partition by shrinking a drive and then installed Ubuntu 64-bit version into it using the live DVD without tampering with the secure boot or UEFI settings. It's working fine. Now after installation my laptop loads into Ubuntu directly & doesn't show any option for a dual boot. I wish to make Windows 8 my primary OS because all the applications related to programming & my studies are installed in Windows 8.

Can you please tell me what I need to do so that I get an option of choosing which OS I wish to login to?

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What BIOS style are you trying to boot with? From my own experiments I had to switch from UEFI Boot to Legacy BIOS before I could boot in anything other than Windows 8. Boot to your BIOS and see what method you are currently using, if its not on UEFI try turning that on and rebooting.

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i installed ubuntu in uefi itself coz win 8 came preinstalled in uefi mode – Subhankar Ghosh Feb 18 '13 at 13:12

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