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I am new user of ubuntu and I am trying to experiment on VPN connections. I have ubuntu 10.04 on my machine. I installed VMware Player and on top of that another ubuntu 10.04. So, on the VMware Player now I installed the openvpn server which seems to work fine since the output of /etc/init.d/openvpn restart, gives me OK, and the output of ifconfig tun gives me details.

On the same machine now (not on the VMware) I installed the client. The /etc/openvpn/client.conf has the following configuration.

    dev tun
    proto udp
    remote 1194
    resolv-retry infinite
    user nobody
    group nogroup
    ca ca.crt
    cert client.crt
    key client.key
    ns-cert-type server
    tls-auth ta.key 1
    verb 3

Here the client again seems to work fine since I am getting OK. But the output of ifconfig tun gives me that the device did not found.

Any help?

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