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This is approximately my 10th try at using ubuntu in this two weeks. Since i have had a lot of free time lately i wanted to give it a try. Everytime i failed I'm using proprietary catalyst drivers 13.1 for ubuntu 12.10 x64 and my graphics performance is down the floor. I have used all three driver options from software upgrade app which consists of 2 proprietary and 1 open source driver. Also tried manually installing drivers from amd's site and and bricked the system in the process. Since i don't use GRUB2 i couldn't recover so i did a fresh install again. I used wubi to install ubuntu. I'm using unity shell. Specs ; AMD FX-8350 CPU 16 GB 2133 Mhz RAM Crosshair V Formula Motherboard Sapphire HD6950 2GB GPU

I'm a newbie at ubuntu but have extensive knowledge in windows. I happened to like ubuntu , it's interface and the whole open-source spirit. So i just wanna stick around get to know it a little bit.

My glxgears score is around 1200-1500 fps which is really bad for this card from what i can gather. My fgl_glxgears score is around 500-600 fps (From time to time it averages 200 fps) , i think this is bad as well. I'm monitoring the cpu usage from system monitor and tested it with mass effect using wine , the cpu has a really high load when i run mass effect from wine. It shouldn't be that high so i think GPU is offloading data to CPU. Desktop fps also drops when i line below transparent lines like the launcher. The FPS is around 12-20 in mass effect 1. It is significantly higher in windows. My GPU is recognized as VESA:CAYMAN in System Settings/Details.

This is all i can think of to provide , askubuntu is glitchy nowadays so i couldn't ask there. Should you need more information , i'll do my best to provide.

Thanks in advance.

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Testing performance within Wine is not the way to go, what is your performance like in a native app? Wine is by no means perfect and should not be treated as such. –  Chris Carter Feb 17 '13 at 13:50
That is not the only problem. When watching video from youtube or vlc , cpu load is through the roof... Also when lining (you know click drag that orange thing) below transparent lines it gets choppy. fgl_glxgears and glxgears scores are low if compared to other cards i don't know why... I heard about some dependencies about proprietary driver it says to install these ; XFree86-Mesa-libGL libstdc++ libgcc XFree86-libs fontconfig freetype zlib gcc but i can't install not even one of them. It either says you have held broken packages or it cannot be found. –  Boltthrower56 Feb 17 '13 at 14:41
When your cpu usage goes "through the roof" with vlc or youtube what process does system monitor say is using the resources. Look in the processes tab of System monitor –  Chris Carter Feb 17 '13 at 15:42
I've checked the system monitor and the app that uses the CPU is "compiz". when i underline the transparent left side of the launcher it goes up to 40 percent and framerate drops. –  Boltthrower56 Feb 18 '13 at 21:54
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