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Am dual booting ubuntu 12.04.2 and pre installed windows 8. I don't want to mess with the windows efi as I don't have the disk and don't know what will happen. I could not determin from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI and some other anwser what the policy is for the Windows efi when installing ubuntu. Do I have to re-due the whole partition or move it?

I shrunk man C partition and installed ubuntu if the free space but the efi already existed and was the 2nd partition in front of the Ubuntu partition. I made an EFI at the front of my Ubuntu partition to see if it gave me an option to boot. The live disk did not recognize the windows operating system so I did manual install. It boots to widows although when I hit f12 I now have two choices on the hard drive but both boot windows.

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