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When I use Windows I read my arabic book (*.mdb & *.bok) by maktaba shamela.

And now I use ubuntu 12.04 and I need to read my *.bok & .mdb file. I tried to install makatba shamela with wine but the arabic font was not showed. I tried to install thwab (not Thawab) to read my arabic book (.bok), but I could not install it. And now I wanna install Maktabah Al-Miftah. But to read *.bok need to import file (.mfth) from Shamela file (.bok) by using and it depends on gambas3-gb-db-sqlite3.

What can I do?

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Try Maktaba El-Kirtasse or Maktabah Al-Miftah 3.1 (Ubuntu 12.10). Both can import .bok file automatically.

If you use Maktabah Al-Miftah 3.0 (Ubuntu 12.04), you need to import .bok manually. Download here. Run this command in terminal after you entered the folder:

MDB_JET3_CHARSET="cp1256" python ./ filename.bok | sqlite3 filename.mfth

Then you may open the .mfth file with Maktabah Al-Miftah 3.0.

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