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when running "debuild -S -sa" to create the source files and sign them in Ubuntu 12.04 I only had to enter my passphrase once and then it is automatically used to unlock my private key on future runs of the command. But on Ubuntu 12.10 in a Ubuntu 12.10 schroot there is this error instead:

Enter passphrase: can't connect to /run/user/korn/keyring-x30g9r/gpg': No such file or directory gpg: can't connect to/run/user/korn/keyring-x30g9r/gpg': connect failed

I already tried to add /run in the /etc/schroot/buildd/fstab file but it did not work. This is the file:

# fstab: static file system information for chroots.
# Note that the mount point will be prefixed by the chroot path
# <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>   <dump>  <pass>
/proc       /proc       none    rw,bind        0       0
/sys        /sys        none    rw,bind        0       0
/dev/pts    /dev/pts    none    rw,bind     0   0
/run        /run        none    rw,bind     0   0
tmpfs       /dev/shm    tmpfs   defaults    0   0
# Mount a large scratch space for the build, so we don't use up
# space on an LVM snapshot of the chroot itself.
/var/lib/sbuild/build   /build  none    rw,bind 0   0
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