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I have 4 hard disks. I've got Wubi installed on one, and Windows installed on another.

The 300GB Drive for Wubi/Ubuntu is empty, except for Wubi. I'd like to let it take the full 300GB if it's appropriate, not the 30GB that Wubi gave it.

I still need Windows as software on the two "data" needs it and there isn't a Linux alternative yet, so dual booting is still required.

My Drives: 1TB Windows, 300GB Data, 1TB Data (Steam), 300GB Wubi

I'm very new to Linux, I think you may be able to blame Gabe Newell for this one.

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You can either uninstall Wubi and reinstall from a live USB/CD or copy the root.disk and then migrate your Wubi back to the partition:… – bcbc Feb 16 '13 at 16:58

You can do a normal install of ubuntu, safely, on the disk that now holds wubi.


  1. Uninstall wubi (maybe move your personal files to a data disk first);
  2. Download a normal ubuntu installer;
  3. Boot it from usb or cd;
  4. The installation program will ask you for a target disk. Select the one where wubi was previously installed.
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