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When some PCs are connected via a simple switch, that is also connected to an DHCP router, is it possible to have them autoconfiguring their IP adresses, if the DHCP is absent, but DHCP-configured, as soon it is available?

Is this possible with network-manager?

I think it would be as simple as have the PCs keep their adresses if the DHCP becomes unavailable, but they have to keep them forever even if rebooted, until DHCP became available again.

Or maybe avahi/zeroconf can assign adresses if and only if DHCP is unavailable?

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If I would add a local vanilla router connected to another LAN for internet gateway, I would get this reliability of course. So it should be possible to do that by one of the machines too? Or would it need more than one ethernet interface to physically seperate the two LANs then? –  dronus Mar 10 '13 at 17:26

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