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I'm presently using Windows XP. When trying to follow instructions for an installation with a DVD, my system shows the following error: Ubuntu Installer error

How can I install Ubuntu if I have this problem?

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Could you post the content of the mentioned log file? Possibly on if it's long. – Daniel Jonsson Feb 16 '13 at 9:16
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what did you do exactly? did you tried to install ubuntu with wubi?

anyways, I recommend you to install ubuntu (or to try it first) by creating an bootable usb stick.

  1. Download the iso image
  2. create bootable usb stick:
  3. reboot and start ubuntu. On my laptop, I've to press F12 during the first seconds of startup to boot from an USB-Device. Then I can select USB Device as the bootable medium and the Ubuntu Version on my USB-Device is booting.

  4. now you can try ubuntu or install it, following these instructions

I think this is the best way to try or to install ubuntu! Good luck!

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A Wubi-installation is rather simple:

  • download (in Windows) the installer and excecute it
  • the installer does it's thing and downloads your ubuntu-system
  • Let the proces run until it's finished
  • restart your computer and select in a tekst-mode Ubuntu to start up
  • enjoy Ubuntu ! (first run updates before you do anything else)

This is the easiest way for having Ubuntu with the WUBI-method.

A side note: a Wubi-installation isn't as powerfull as a full (dualboot) installation of Ubuntu. But it gives you an impression of what to expect. Advisable is to do a dualboot for having Ubuntu at it's full speed. Another downside is: when Windows breaks up, you lose your Ubuntu-installation as well (keep in mind).

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