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I'm having the same issue as posted here, but in my case, using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Live USB, inside ~/trimaran/openimpact folder, try to execute ./install_openimpact

Shell replies me at the end:

Processing platform/x86lin_gcc/IPA_lib/__impact_lib.c
gcc -w -E -m32 -DIMPACT_FIX -I/home/ubuntu/trimaran/openimpact/platform/x86lin_gcc/include -I/home/ubuntu/trimaran/openimpact/include -I/home/ubuntu/trimaran/openimpact/config/x86lin_c platform/x86lin_gcc/IPA_lib/__impact_lib.c > platform/x86lin_gcc/IPA_lib/__impact_lib.i
impact-edgcpfe --pcode -m -w platform/x86lin_gcc/IPA_lib/__impact_lib.i
"platform/x86lin_gcc/IPA_lib/__impact_lib.c", line 1943: error: declaration is
          incompatible with "int getnameinfo(const struct sockaddr
          *__restrict__, socklen_t, char *__restrict__, socklen_t, char
          *__restrict__, socklen_t, int)" (declared at line 679 of
  int getnameinfo(const struct sockaddr *sa, socklen_t salen, char *host,

1 error detected in the compilation of "platform/x86lin_gcc/IPA_lib/__impact_lib.i".
Exiting: non-zero exit code
make[1]: *** [platform/x86lin_gcc/IPA_lib/__impact_lib.pst] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ubuntu/trimaran/openimpact'
make: *** [all] Error 2

Any ideas?

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Open the file platform/x86lin_gcc/IPA_lib/__impact_lib.c and go to line NO: 1943 then in the function getnameinfo( ) change the last parameter from unsigned int flags to only int flags then try installing and the software openimpact will install successfully.

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Hey that worked! Thanks a lot for the tip. But I will add some more details in case some other person comes to this thread: 1) automake, tcl, tk and graphviz are available via apt-get, but autoconf should be downloaded and installed. 2) automake should be removed, then version 1.7 installed. 3) lib.c is actually inside on trimaran/platform/ and should have the same modification as you cited previously. – CesarUR Feb 19 '13 at 0:27

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