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I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 to run a box with a handful of hard drives and a logitech media server driving a squeezebox. I'm accessing with a Windows Vista laptop and a Macbook with OSX 10.7.5. Most of this system is working fine, but the Macbook is being uncooperative, it will access the public folder (and music/video folders) but not other shared folders.

I have a raid and a single drive with shared folders, both accessible by the windows laptop. The raid is configured to share using nautilus, the single drive by editing the smb.conf file, they are different because I was trying to figure out what wasn't working for the mac.

When I find the server in Finder on the Mac, it displays all the shared folders, but when I try to access anything other than the public one, I'm told it cannot be accessed because the item is no longer available.

I know this is a mac question, and I'm posting on a mac forum too, but if any of ya'll have an idea of what I can do differently, please, I'm about ready to apply some blunt force to this thing.

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