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I connect to my Office PC (my business) via SSH from my Home PC. Both Machines run 12.04 LTS. I ran SSH into the Office PC and use RDP. I have a Brother MFC-7860DW (connected to the Router via Ethernet) at home and I'd like to be able to print to it via the Office PC. Either when I'm at the office, or when I'm at home using the Office PC via RDP. I also have a similar printer at the Office MFC 7340 and that's connected via USB to the Office PC. I also use a different Username for each PC.

When I look at the Printer Configuration for the Home Printer I see:


1) Do I need to change this to IPP? How?

I understand that I have to set up another SSH tunnel (one that auto starts on reboot) as follows:

ssh -R ssh.OFFICE.com

(I don't understand this)

2) Do I need to install the MFC-7860DW drivers on the Office PC, or is it sufficient for the drivers to be installed on the Home PC?

3) Do I run the ssh -R from the Home PC terminal, or the office PC?

4) I understand that the port 8631 is to be used for the Office PC, but do I need to tell the Office Router/Modem to forward this port, or is this all safely handled by the ssh -R?

5) In other words, what steps to I need to complete to ensure I can print remotely?


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