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I just tried to install Ubuntu 12.10 alongside Windows 8. The install crashed halfway through, and for awhile I couldn't get into either operating system. After I got the Ubuntu demo working again, I found that couldn't (and still can't) get into Windows.

When I tried to reinstall Ubuntu (in case the download was simply corrupted or something), I got an option to install Ubuntu alongside Ubuntu; I didn't get one to install Ubuntu alongside Windows. I really need to get back onto Windows to access my homework and stuff. Is there any way to get back into Windows without going to see a computer expert? Or at least any way to recover the files?

Windows 8 came pre-installed on my laptop, I'm trying to get Ubuntu installed via USB drive, and I don't know what else information I should put here but will be happy to answer anything else to the best of my ability.

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Is Ubuntu successfully installed and working? At boot time, do you get a selection asking which OS to boot into? –  Mochan Feb 16 '13 at 0:44
there are two possibilities. either you have installed Ubuntu on the same partition that you had windows earlier or you have selected the windows partition for the installation of boot-loader. If you are sure you have not done the first possibility then you can get your data in windows very easily –  learner Mar 4 '13 at 11:28
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