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I have a laptop (4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Intel core i3 2.4 GHz) with 2 Partitions: one For data and one for windows 8 x64.

Actually, I want to install Ubuntu 12.10 instead of Windows 8 but keeping Data partition.

So, my question is: There is no matter to use ubuntu with NTFS Windows Partition. Or i should use ext4 partition for good result? Otherwise what you think about multiple partitions for ubuntu installation?


Any suggestion will be very appreciated

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Install Ubuntu with the usb/dvd. When you reach the partitioning part, Ubuntu installation

choose for "Something else". Then format the Windows 8 x64 partition and select as "/". After installation, create a shortcut on your desktop to your NTFS partition or add it as a bookmark in Files (Nautilus).

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