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I am trying to setup a virtual machine in ubuntu 12.10 my host system ( I dualboot on win7...).

After many efforts I succeeded to setup WM PLAYER 5 and even VM Worstation

WINEPREFIX="/home/caron/.wine" wine C:\\Program\ Files\ \(x86\)\\VMware\\VMware\ Workstation\\vmware.exe

But when I want to create a virtual machine in VM PLAYER, I am able to set up all parameters and when I launch nothing happens. What can be wrong?

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Sorry but can you keep it a bit more professional? – Rinzwind Feb 15 '13 at 13:50
Why are you trying to use Wine?. Can't you use the VMWare linux version?. I don't expect that you can run a Virtual Machine through Wine. – Javier Rivera Feb 15 '13 at 14:28

I highly advise you to install VMWare binaries on your Ubuntu, virtualization isn't so soft, trying it over wine will turn it even worst.

If you are looking for something lighter I recommend you QEMU, if you want something simple it works well, but if you need to configure hardware deeper it turns harder, and QEMU runs VMWare images.

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