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After the latest update, Rhythmbox (which was my main mp3 player on my Ubuntu Latest distro) stopped functioning: it dies just after startup. So, I turned to Clementine which I like a lot. However in Rhythmbox I had my playlists and ratings. Song ratings are very important to me because many of my auto-playlists are depending on them.

Is there anyway I can get my playlists and ratings from Rhythmbox and add them to Clementine?


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To export a playlist select Music from the top menu and then Playlist, under which you have "save to file"

To export your ratings, create a smart playlist for each rating and then export those playlists too.

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OP says that Rhythmbox crashes as soon as it starts up. So, your answer wouldn't help him. – Aditya Apr 5 '13 at 19:03

Summary: fail, but probably for another reason


Contrary to xpanta, my rhythmbox still works. So I used it to export playlists.

Then I launched Clementine to use that playlists to import ratings.!topic/clementine-player/yGCZAsZe704 explains how to show "rating" and "score" column.

But both columns appear always empty. Double-clicking on a cell in the "Score" column (and only that one) allows to edit one value, but after pressing entry cell becomes blank again. Also, any batch rating/score function.

Is there something wrong with my clementine installation ? It's plain default install from Ubuntu 13.10.

Perhaps it's because the content of my Music folder is only symbolic links to actual locations, as other users do, see :

Those operations worked to import into gmusicbrowser, see details in Transferring music ratings from rhythmbox to gmusicbrowser

I now use gmusicbrowser.

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