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i have a dell laptop . i have installed ubuntu 12.10 . i m not able to get corrected to wifi . its not detecting any wireless drivers . i hv tried download many packages fronm software center but no use . n so is the problem with bluetooth . its written searchin devices . bt it is not detecting the device . my friend has also installed the same software with hp laptop and hhhe is able to access wireless directly . kindly help .

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To enable us to give you more useful answers, please edit your question by running lspci | grep Network command in a terminal and adding the results. – To Do Feb 15 '13 at 10:06
Also, output of ip a might be useful. – Melon Feb 15 '13 at 13:23

At Ubuntu dashboard( press window key ) search Additional Drivers , and it will search drivers for Wifi and more graphics driver , you can select first "Broadcom STA wireless driver" and install it and for more graphics also install ATI/AMD graphics driver.

Also try to visit this video to install driver:-

after install restart the Ubuntu . and

some times it will first time not search the wifi devise so sleep the pc for 1 min. and login again(but its rare case).

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