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So I visited the Lubuntu download page (specifically because it's lightweight), which happens to be hosted in the Ubuntu Help section of it's website. I tried to find a version of Lubuntu similar to Ubuntu Server (no GUI, visible stacks), but I couldn't find any. Any feedback is appreciated.

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The only difference between Ubuntu and Lubuntu is that they both use different Desktop Environments and some different packages. Ubuntu uses Unity whereas Lubuntu uses LXDE.

According to Lubuntu Wiki:

Both Lubuntu and Ubuntu share Two Major Important Things:

Same Core System
Same Repositories 

Lubuntu and Ubuntu belong to the same family and talking about each as totally different two systems is not correct since they have some things in common.

The differences between Lubuntu and Ubuntu are:

Different DE - Lubuntu uses LXDE while Ubuntu uses Unity as the default DE.
Different Default Applications 

Other than that, they are the same. The DE is what makes Lubuntu a lightweight OS, and of course the selected applications too because we make sure to use the lightest applications which are not resource hungry.

So, essentially Ubuntu Server with no GUI would be the same as Lubuntu Server with no GUI. Hence, you can go on downloading Ubuntu Server and install LXDE later, if you want a Lubuntu like GUI.

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