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I have 12.04 64 bit installed and I am trying out steam for Ubuntu. When I installed Team Fortress 2 and try to start it, I get a black screen with only audio you can hear. I have 4gigs of RAM, Intel Graphics 3000 card, and icore3 CPU. I installed the new drivers from Ubuntu wiki with the instruction to install steam. Apparently the drivers will not install or they are listed as unknown. How do I solve my problem?

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I don't have privileges to comment so I'm going to post this as an answer: What driver is selected when you go to Dash and then type Additional drivers: one graphics driver should be highlighted. Also it appears this may help you: How do I install drivers for an Intel HD Graphics?

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No drivers are displayed when I search for additional drivers. – Michael Scott Feb 15 '13 at 2:50

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