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Just configured my Ubuntu 12.04 server to play host to a diskless PXE/NFS system. Currently I'm deploying the Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop Live CD to all my clients (derived from the install CD). My question is, how do i enroll a custom image (i.e. loading custom software, custom backgrounds, configs, drivers, etc) to all the clients?

I used the following Tutorial to configure my server.

Any suggestions, I'm unable to find any good tutorials for this.

Found these sites but am I on the right path? Remastersys | UCK

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I'm working on diskless cluster too. There is two ways to backup your whole OS system.

   1- You can use Remastersys(stopped development) or Relinux(implement of remastersys, still developing) to bakcup then copy it to NFS.
   2- You can copy whole OS system as a backup to NFS.  

There are some advantages and disadvantages of both. Yout have to make new iso file when you want to update system, change some configurations etc. or you can use Aufs if you choose first option. I choose second option. One time I copy whole OS to NFS then I can change any files on it without do some extra works.

For second option, I highly recommended to you this site. HyRax explains all steps you have to do.

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