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I have a dual boot system with first Windows Vista installed (ntfs partition) and then Ubuntu 12.04 (ext4 partition). I take full back up of it with clonezilla live, with full disk image.

disk layout (250GB) is following:

description: Windows NTFS volume
physical id: 1
bus info: scsi@2:0.0.0,1
logical name: /dev/sda1
size: 190GiB
capabilities: primary bootable ntfs initialized

description: Extended partition
physical id: 2
bus info: scsi@2:0.0.0,2
logical name: /dev/sda2
size: 41GiB
capabilities: primary extended partitioned partitioned:extended

description: Linux filesystem partition
physical id: 5
logical name: /dev/sda5
capacity: 38GiB

description: Linux swap / Solaris partition
physical id: 6
logical name: /dev/sda6
capacity: 3060MiB
capabilities: nofs

Options I used for creating disk image with Clonezilla live are -q1, -c, -j2, z1p and also is done with dd (only dd) since it is dual boot.

I try to restore this back up to a larger disk (750GB) and problem is that it is not booting (only grub command prompt is shown). When I use gparted live, ntfs partition has errors (cluster accounting failures). CZ options I have tried for restoring are:

  1. -g auto, -e1 auto, -e2, -c, -r, -j2 and Use the partition table from the image
  2. -e1 auto, -e2, -c, -r, -j2 and Use the partition table from the image
  3. -g auto, -e1 auto, -e2, -c, -r, -j2 and -k1 (create partition table proportionally)

Can anyone please guide to the right options to restore? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: with the last option used (3), I used boot-repair and I restored MBR on sda, with partition booted sda1 (vista), results are in here. However, Vista starts OK now but not ubuntu. If I go next to recover grub with boot repair, and again disk becomes not bootable (grub command prompt is shown).

EDIT2: I then try to start grub via:

  • set root=(hd0,msdos5)
  • linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda5 ro
  • initrd/initrd.img
  • boot

and result is panic occurred, switching back to text console (frozen there).

How can I recover grub (12.04)?

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You can perhaps try partition cloning as an alternative to disk cloning, and create partitions (sda1 & sda5) in the 2nd disk just a bit larger than those in the 1st disk, and then make them bigger after you have a working system (sda1 from within Windows, sda5 from a live Ubuntu CD/USB, etc.) –  Sadi Feb 15 '13 at 8:17
Thank you Sadi, I thought about it but since I am able to boot in Vista now and sda5 seems OK, I think it only a grub problem now. Still working on this... However I don't want to go back to restore / cloning now since it takes hours with a network disk using dd. –  bob Feb 15 '13 at 8:27
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